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I’m Roni, a designer with two creative passions: digital design and multidisciplinary deep-dive projects. 


When it comes to digital work, I tailor it to the people I work with, ensuring that their unique needs and visions are brought to life. From crafting unique branding experiences to designing captivating websites and other creative assets, It's all about creating a bespoke and inclusive digital experience that truly resonates with the audience.


In my other projects, I unleash the power of design to delve into social and political issues. I don't just skim the surface—I dive headfirst into extensive research, immersing myself in these topics. I develop tools that ignite meaningful conversations around these subjects. Design becomes the catalyst for dialogue and positive change.


I'm constantly expanding my creative horizons, no matter the medium I'm working with. Each project is an opportunity for me to learn something new. Whether it's mastering a fresh skill or becoming an expert in a different subject area, I thrive on pushing my boundaries and gaining expertise along the way.

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