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London, 2023

A vibrant backlit digital sign of Garbanzos showcasing their falafel, salad, and other delicious dishes from an overhead perspective. The sign features the text "Healthy & delicious" along with the Garbanzos logo.
A yellow sign representing Garbanzos' convenient click & collect service.
Two screens of Garbanzos' digital kiosk accompanied by card machines. The screens exhibit enticing overhead photographs of Garbanzos' dishes, with a dark green rectangle with the text "Order here" in yellow.
Three large digital screens hanging on the wall behind a Garbanzos counter, showcasing their digital menu. The screens present an array of appetising food options.
A green pavement sign outside a Garbanzos branch displaying the words "Healthy & delicious" in bold yellow capital letters. The sign also includes two dish photos and the Garbanzos logo.
Creative assets for a delicious food chain

As the designer for Thunder This, a digital growth agency, I had the opportunity to create various creative assets for Garbanzos, a falafel and salad bar chain in London. These assets were designed to enhance their brand presence and support their marketing efforts.


Through these creative assets, I aimed to capture the essence of Garbanzos' brand, convey their unique value proposition, and ultimately contribute to their growth and success in the competitive London market.

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