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Thunder This Branding

London, 2020

A hand holding a smartphone with the screen displaying the text "Get ready to rumble" and illustrations of a digital machine.
A light blue background with a pink logo. The logo is a simplified cloud shape with a lightning bolt made of two triangles. The text "Thunder This" is written to the right of the logo mark.
A tablet displayed on a dark blue background. The screen shows an image of a smiling woman and a blue digital machine.
A colour palette consisting of four light blue shades, one dark blue, and one pink. The hex values are written on each colour.
A business document with the Thunder This branding displayed in a flat multi-page layout.

Thunder This’ big-picture thinking and incredible attention to detail was the driving force behind this project. I designed a versatile visual identity that exuded motion and potential for an emerging digital agency.

in a nutshell



The objective was to create a visual language that would cater to the agency's present and future needs, particularly aimed at a target audience of small to medium-sized companies and to be used solely in digital spaces. Thunder This sought to convey trust, dynamism, and energy while steering clear of the predictable clichés associated with "digital growth".

Two hands holding a tablet on a dark blue background. The screen shows a collage of women using digital devices and illustrations of a blue digital machine.


Collaborating closely with the founders to align the visual aesthetic with their vision
Developing the dashboard concept through a process of experimentation, iteration, and testing
Establishing branding guidelines complete with inspirations and ideas, ensuring that all stakeholders could confidently and cohesively utilise the assets.
An illustration of a pink digital machine arranged in the shape of a heart on a light blue background.
An illustration of a blue digital machine on a light blue background with the words "Dashboard This" written on the image.



The end result is an enjoyable and adaptable visual language that fulfils Thunder This's current and future requirements. In addition to the logo, I created a desaturated blue colour palette to evoke the desired sense of trust, with a touch of vibrancy provided by the inclusion of pink. The dashboard concept, available in three different iterations, allows for the creation of diverse digital "machines" tailored to various communication needs.


I was thrilled that the outcome resonated with Thunder This's founders, who regarded it as a seamless match for their emerging agency.


Following this project, we proceeded to design their website and collaborated on numerous successful projects together!

A person using a laptop, with the screen displaying Thunder This's website.
A smartphone lying on a keyboard, with Thunder This's Instagram post displayed on the screen.
A person holding a tablet with a Thunder This document displayed on the screen.
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