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A person with a light grey jumper, half-covered with a fluffy blanket and holding a hot water bottle. The cover of the hot water bottle is a green fabric, a white and black striped fabric and a flowery fabric. The words TAX the RICH embroidered on the cover.

Disobedient Hot Water Bottle

A series of hot water bottle covers embroidered with dissent

A hand holding a smartphone with the screen displaying the text "Get ready to rumble" and illustrations of a digital machine.

Thunder This Branding

Visual identity for a digital growth agency

A vibrant backlit digital sign of Garbanzos showcasing their falafel, salad, and other delicious dishes from an overhead perspective. The sign features the text "Healthy & delicious" along with the Garbanzos logo.


Creative assets for a delicious food chain

A black and white collage featuring a woman standing in a football stadium with her back to the viewer. She is wearing a football shirt with the name "Sanders" and the number 5 printed on it. Football players are practising on the pitch, and in the background, there is a mixture of parliament buildings from around the world.

Fantasy Political League

A playful activity that creates a productive political discussion

Six pairs of Period Statement Earrings displayed in five vulva-shaped packagings. The earrings consist of white, black, and red designs in various shapes and styles. The packaging features black and white stripes on the outside and a bold yellow interior.

Period Statement Earrings

A declaration of beauty and power


I always have

something creative cooking

A hand sprinkling yellow vector shapes
Two hands folding a dumpling with yellow vector shapes inside it
A hand holding a yellow vector shape
have a look

about me

I’m Roni, a designer with two creative passions: digital design and multidisciplinary deep-dive projects. 

A hand holding a yellow vector shape
A screenshot of Thunder This' homepage, showing an illustration of a woman with a laptop sitting on a big dial. She is getting a lot of notifications. The text "Increase your revenue" is displayed to her left
Thunder This

A screenshot of Maayan Ben-Ari's website, showing three images of watercolour painting with the text "capturing moments to remember" in the middle
Maayan Ben-Ari

A screenshot of Ibex Art's website showing an illustration of various blue shapes in harmony, with the text "Making everyday more beautiful"
Ibex Art

London Football Tours

web design

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